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A Tiny Tidy Tip ~ Do You Know These 3 Easy Hacks?

Number two changed my life. Back when I was in my 20’s before I got wise, I’d come home from the supermarket, wrestle the shopping up the stairs, trying to unlock the door without putting anything down (that never worked but I’d try) my handbag strap gripped in my teeth, dump everything on the floor or kitchen bench and make myself a coffee.

So much procrastinating! Sometimes half unpacking, loathing the mess, suddenly remembering the frozen stuff and having to put it all away eventually anyway. Sure, we can get groceries delivered now, but There’s No One To Put It Away! We still have to do that part ourselves (unless you have a housekeeper like Alice in the Brady Bunch, what a dream come true!!)

I learnt after a while that I was so much happier if I just started whacking it all away into the cupboards as soon as I could. And this theory of Do It Now meant I actually got so much more stuff done and felt way less stress and loathing because there was less to do, less clutter and less mess.

Even when I don’t feel like it Do It Now pops into my head and I think of my future self happily NOT doing the thing that I’m about to do.

I reckon if you remember these three easy hacks you’ll be organised and feeling way less stress in next to no time and stay that way!

1. Finish what you start. Life changer! If you have to, divide a job into chunks that you CAN finish in the time that you have.

2. Do It Now. Make that call, put that dough on to rise, make the bed. You’re welcome future self!

3. Put stuff back. Immediately if humanly possible. Ingredients when you’re cooking, toys when they’re finished playing, products when you’ve finished using them.

Ok, so technically it’s three Tiny Tidy Tips, so you’re getting 3 for the price of 1! Which means it’s three times as free! Cool!

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