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Transformative Decluttering: Pinterest Perfect?

There are no Cinderella homes here. But there is a kind of magic.

Two women were chatting in the comments of a Facebook ad I’d posted a year or so ago. It was about decluttering (of course.) We shall call them Megan & Christie. Megan had seen my ad and tagged her friend Christie in the comments.

Christie launched into a bit of a rant. Seriously peeved, she told Megan that it was 1am and she was still doing paperwork after she’d wrangled the kids to bed, the house was in chaos, there was still too much to do and she didn’t have the time to do unnecessary decluttering!

Megan said, there’s no such thing. Boom! Mic drop.

I bet you think I agreed with her right? Being a professional declutterer and all. Well… you’re right.

I hate to quote a dictionary (actually no I don’t, I love dictionaries, they’re brilliant) but says decluttering means to remove mess, organise and prioritise. Sounds pretty necessary to me tbh.

But there’s more to decluttering than that. Here’s where the magic is.

It makes your life easier because you’re dealing with less stuff. Less stuff on the floors of the kids rooms, less stuff to pull onto the kitchen floor when you’re looking for that Thing. Less of those clothes that don’t make you feel good.

You spend less time putting stuff away, or looking for things that you can’t find. You actually love the stuff you do have because it’s all things you’ve chosen not just accumulated because it was on special.

You’re calmer when you’re just living your life because there’s way less stuff getting in your line of vision and what IS there is lovely stuff. Or practical things that you’re grateful for. You can see more blissfully clear surfaces and you know where everything is.

Also you won’t be asked where everything is half as much. (I’m not promising anything, a Woman Look is still infinitely more accurate than a Kid or Man Look.) Plus you can say with certainty “It’s where it SHOULD be!”.

It’s all part of training the people you live with to put things back where they belong in your clutter free home. It’s just heavenly. Even Christie would admit that having less cr*p and chaos in her life would make it better.

Decluttering transforms how you use your home. It also transforms the way you feel about your home.

It changes the way you feel when you’re just living in your home, doing your at-home life. Your clutter-free home makes you happy.

So why are you putting up with less than that? Listen up lovelies. You deserve to have a home that makes you happy. The whole “You Deserve” thing makes me roll my eyes but it’s true! I’m not saying you should have a pink Maserati because you deserve it (but if you want one, girl go for it!)

I’m just saying you deserve a home that is easy to live in and doesn’t erode your happiness but adds to it. Just because you exist. Because you are you. Because you are a woman. Because you are working hard to be an amazing mother, wife, daughter, friend, person. Like Christie.

Do you think you deserve it?


PS. If you don’t think you deserve it we need to talk! Call me.

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