Free Decluttering Checklist For Your Home

Where do I even start Liz?!” That’s something I hear a lot. Also, “Where do I declutter next?!”

I’m guessing you know HOW to declutter. But you might be getting sidetracked, a bit lost or lose momentum.

This checklist was written for you. If you’re struggling with starting your decluttering project or you’re finding it hard to focus, this list will help.

Instant download below!

  • Each room is divided into spaces or types of things that you might find there.
  • Each space or type of thing has 3 steps to action.
  • Each of the 3 steps outline an action that needs time to complete.

The checklist divides the average family home into manageable chunks in blocks of 3 tasks.

You can start from the top, but if you want to you can start anywhere. Just work your way from space to space and room to room.

You can use any action in any room if you think they apply to a different space in your home.

When you click the button or link you’ll be able to download it instantly.

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Decision Check list

  • Do I use it a lot? 
  • Is it broken, chipped, stained, have a hole in it,
  • Is it worn out or just grotty?
  • Do I have something else just like it or that can do the same job?
  • Would it cause a problem in my daily life if I didn’t have this Thing?
  • Is this Thing worth the space it’s taking up?
  • Do I LOVE it or really need it right now?
  • Will it fit?