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I’ve been so caught up in raving about your incredible performance to everyone I meet that I haven’t had a chance to get back to you yet! You’ve left an indelible mark on our lives and I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be singing your praises to the rooftops and recommending you to everyone I know! 😊

H & C – Mt Eden

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Liz, today was life changing! I love how you don’t judge me, ever! Thank you for everything.


Wow! I’m so impressed with your amazing energy Liz. Thanks for taking the load off me… Forever grateful!


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Liz is an absolute delight, she’s fast, fierce and fabulous. I’ve never had someone sort my clothes for me before, and she has made a world difference. I can’t wait to mess my wardrobe room up again, to get her back! Mary Haddock-Staniland


You came in like Mary Poppins, worked your magic with so much practical kindness, I could hardly believe it! I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a big black umbrella outside instead of a car! X

~ Penelope

Thank you Liz! I really enjoyed our session. I have made some big initial changes and cleared half of the kitchen and my daughters room. The new space is so amazing. I had to take a whole boot load to the refuse/recycle station and the sallies came and collected a twice that amount! I’m actually feeling overwhelmed by how much work it is undoing all the ‘holding on’ I have done! To properly re home it all is going to take me a few weeks, but I will get there! 

~ K

Thank you Liz for an amazing day.  I really feel on the road to a less complicated more enriched realm of possibilities for whatever may be next. I have no plans no pressing dreams to fulfil bar making way for whatever is in store. Your kindness and beautiful presence is so helpful in this task that is frankly for me difficult to execute on my own xxx gratefully, D.

~ D

Liz, thanks so much for coming today. I mean, I know I’m paying you but it’s just WONDERFUL to have you here!

~ Tori

You made what I found a difficult undertaking to even begin, seem so much easier with your delightful encouragement, the time going quickly and easily. Rather a therapeutic exercise – I’m thrilled with the spaces that have opened up and I’ve already forgotten what was there!

Thank you for your marvellous help.

~ D

Oh Liz, it looks amazing. Absolutely love it. My daughter doesn’t know I’ve got this done for her, am so looking forward to her delight. Thank you so so much. x CB

C.B for K