Practical Storage

Would you like to be able to lay your hand on anything you need in your house, at a moment’s notice? Have everything in it’s place, in beautiful baskets, practical bins or gorgeous cabinets?

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You probably already have lots of storage that we can put to better use. Especially after we’ve decluttered!

I can also plan, design, shop for and help install the storage that’s appropriate for you and your home. Or I can coordinate cabinet makers to craft the perfect piece for any room of your house, in any style of your choosing.

When you have just the right container for your things, and they’re in the right place you’ll know exactly what you’ve got and where it is. It’ll be so much easier for you to keep your home organised.

Within the first hour the change was exciting to watch unfold. By the time Liz left the areas we were working on were transformed and looking amazing!! 

A. J.