Saving Money Links (NZ)

Some Useful Things to help you save money, help the planet and make your life easier.

(I’m not affiliated with any of these, I just think they’re neat and want to share them with you.)

Don’t you hate it when you buy something at your local supermarket then see it cheaper somewhere else?

Or fill-up at the nearest petrol station and drive by another one that’s WAY cheaper?


Grocer App – Compare supermarket (and The Warehouse) product prices where ever you are in NZ. The app looks at online pricing, so it can’t tell if they’ve just sold out. It pays to get in early!

Reduced To Clear – Not online, but good to know about! “Reduced to Clear is a different type of food outlet as it carries all kinds of bargains from frozen product, yoghurts & cheeses, to chocolate and drinks, cereals to general merchandise. You never know what kind of bargains you’ll find in the store as new stock arrives daily. You will however soon find out that you’ll save a huge amount of money with most items up to 50-80% off normal RRP.”

Some useful tips here! KidSpot – 10 Ways To Save At The Supermarket


Gaspy App – Find the cheapest petrol near you. Updated regularly by users, is mostly accurate in my experience, but not 100%.

Sharetank by Z – Nifty! Find and pre-purchase their cheapest petrol within 30kms of your location, without driving there. You can access the petrol you’ve bought in the app and use it at any Z station, regardless of their advertised price.

General Shopping:

Google – Good old Google! Just enter the correct name of the product you’re looking for to see prices for you to compare. It can help to add “NZ” to make sure it’ll bring up local sites. Many sites that come up in the list show the price at the bottom of the description, so you don’t have to open the link.

Google Shopping – Good for price comparisons. Does it’s best to present products available in NZ, I’ve found that some sites are international, but do ship to NZ.

PriceSpy – “We want all consumers to buy at the right price. That’s why we gather prices from all online shops that we know of. You can always trust that we show the lowest price at the top of our product pages, since nobody can pay their way to a higher ranking in the price list.”

NZ Compare – A wide range of products and services to compare pricing. Supermarkets are selected by postcode.

GetPrice – Compares prices across all of your favourite products in New Zealand, covering all major cities including Wellington and Auckland.

SuperGold – If you’re the lucky bearer of a Gold Card, this website (and App) have all the specials you can take advantage of!

Getting Out Of Debt & Budgeting Advice

Money Talks – Free advice.

“Financial mentoring services help people gain control of their finances if they need help with day-to-day money matters like budgeting and debt management.

Our MoneyTalks team offers free, confidential advice by phone, text, email and live chat and can put people in touch with local services for further help from a Financial Mentor.”

CAB Budgeting Clinics – Free budgeting advice at a CAB near you.

Sorted NZ – Free tools to help you with budgeting, goal setting, debt management and savings.


MoneyHub – Hugely useful Kiwi website, with a blog and newsletter. I can’t recommend this site enough.

Living Off An Oily Rag NZ – Fantastic NZ resource, from the authors of those books.

Early Retirement Extreme – American site, and yes some pretty tough concepts, extreme indeed!

Mr Money Moustache – American, but with smart concepts that are adjustable to location and priorities. A bit sweary but funny.

Passive Income NZ – Practical Kiwi blog on saving and investing.

Mum’s Money – Practical ideas to save and make money.