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Hello there.

It’s important to know something about the person that you’re thinking of inviting into your home, so here’s a little bit about me:

I’m Liz Bradley, I was born in the UK but I’ve been a Kiwi for 45 of my 50 years. For 30 of those years I worked as a librarian and I loved it! I loved helping people work out what they needed and keeping books and archives organised and accessible.

My passion for helping women to transform their homes into a clutter-free, beautiful and efficient space comes from my personally breaking free from a life of fear-based “hoarding” and a poverty mindset.

I was raised in a very poor single-parent home, sometimes my mother struggled to feed us. She worked hard to make the most of what we had. She instilled in us her very British belief in Making-Do with the little we had. She was a fan of self-sufficiency and frugality. This formed my belief that there was a scarcity of all good things. Then I met my first partner.

We started out as most young couples do, living very frugally and saving hard for our future security. We lived as our parents had lived keeping EVERYTHING, just in case. But as we got older our financial status improved, yet our lifestyle was still based on a fear of poverty. I eventually came to realise that this didn’t fit with my desire to live a life that wasn’t all about accumulating things.

So a few years ago I moved from my former Big Home to a tiny apartment, and discovered how much easier it is having less stuff to manage. The blog post in the link below is the story of how I did it. When I realised that life is to be enjoyed, that I deserved more and accumulating things was not the answer, I knew I had to share this message with other women. 

I spent my previous life pleasing other people, keeping the peace, staying small. When I see other women doing the same it makes me mad! Mad enough to speak about it in front of groups of women, frustrated enough to write about it, determined enough to talk to the women I meet about the amazing potential I see in them.

My life has led me to being a Professional Organiser, working in my clients’ homes to make their lives easier, happier, more organised and free of the clutter that holds them back from the life they want to live.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by a house stuffed full of Things. That’s why I became a Professional Organiser.

~ That’s me on the AM show talking to Duncan Garner about decluttering, with an expression on my face that makes me squirm!

And another weird shot below captured on TVNZ Breakfast! (Sigh, timing is everything)

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I’m a Professional member of the Institute Of Professional Organisers.

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