Moving House

Open homes:

Declutter! You can’t go wrong with less stuff around the house. It can be a lot of work getting set up for open homes and always being ready for viewings by potential buyers. Decluttering will make it SO much easier. It’ll take away the stress of preparing your home for sale. If you’ve had advice from your agents or you’re overwhelmed with all that you have to do, I can help.


Set up your home! If you don’t have the time or energy to do it all yourself I can help with hands-on unpacking and thoughtful organising of your belongings in your new home. Start out with everything in it’s place. Couldn’t be easier!

Tidy Lady helped us “getting organized”. We are moving house and didn’t know where to start. Our garage was in a messy state (Semi hording) and needed decluttering fast. Tidy Lady came to the rescue, Lizzie had a good starting point and a creative plan. She knew the steps to take starting with cleaning out the storage space first, then going through everything that needs to be stored to decide what to keep, then figure out how to best fit it in that space. My Husband doesn’t like change and found the process a bit daunting, but Tidy Lady kept him focused and productive and made the whole process a lot easier to accomplish.

A & H, Whangaparoa