Decluttering & Organising

One of my favourite Before & After rooms

“Thanks to Liz’s inspired creativity, my guest room is now a beautiful and inviting space,
that I want to stay in myself!” F.N.

It’s hard, tackling all the things you need to sort out by yourself. It’s so much easier with a supportive, non-judgmental, hands-on coach. I offer the following home organising services, customised to your needs:


Decluttering is not organising. Don’t worry about having a Pinterest perfect house if all you really need to do is get rid of all that overwhelming STUFF!

This service is a hands-on, dedicated time simplifying the things in your space. We will work together to decide what you really want, need and love.


Organising your home doesn’t necessarily require decluttering, but it definitely makes it easier.

Sometimes we are just too busy to keep our home tidy, stuffing things into cupboards and drawers to deal with later, but later never comes! I can help you sort any space and make it functional and gorgeously organised.

Room Conversion:

Do you crave your own space? A beauty or craft room? Or perhaps you have a room that could be better used in another way, but it’s just too full of stuff? I can help to make your dream come true.

Storage Consultation:

Sometimes all we need to make our homes more organised is storage, built in cabinetry, furniture or portable. I can help you work out what you need to take your home to the next level of organisation.

Scheduled Decluttering & Organising:

Is your entire house in need of decluttering and organising? You can schedule The Tidy Lady into your timetable for a few hours on a regular basis, to tackle a different area of your home each month.

I can work independently or beside you to help with organising all the domestic details that are weighing on your mind, with sensitivity and practicality.