Declutter & Recycle! If you know of an organisation in Auckland that we should list here please do let me know – The Tidy Lady’s Email


The Blue Child Cancer bins which are maintained by Savemart accept cotton clothing and fabrics for rag recycling. Clearly write on the bag “Cotton Rags”.


Ecomatters – Supports the community with knowledge and tools to restore nature, reduce waste, ride and fix bikes, and live more sustainably. They even help recycle Weird Stuff!

Ewaste – is a not for profit organisation providing electronic waste recycling events around Auckland

Computer Recycling – Eco-friendly e-Waste disposal.

Mobile Phones – Re:Mobile has over 400 locations across the country where you can drop off unwanted mobile phones.

Useful Links:

Freecycle– Worldwide sharing movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills.

CAB (non-Council Recycling) – Links and related information.

Auckland Council Inorganic Collections  – How to and the booking page.