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A Tiny Tidy Tip ~ Moving Day Kit.

You are going to need a Moving Day Kit! You know what your moving day to your new home is going to be like…

The kids will need to be fed, and put to bed, everything that used to be right to hand is packed away and is probably in the box on the bottom of the pile and you’re dying for a cup of tea. Even if the kids are staying somewhere else, or you are kid-less you still need to look after yourself.

Prepare your moving day survival kit! Pack it into a one or two big lidded Sistema boxes and make sure they arrive at your new place before anything else. Make them the last thing you pack into your car, so they’re the first thing out.

  • Toilet paper – it’s important!
  • Your beverage of choice including milks, sugar, mugs etc
  • Tissues & paper towels or hankies & cloths
  • Bottles of water & snacks
  • Dish washing equipment
  • First aid kit & antibacterial hand gel or wipes
  • Basic cleaning kit in a bucket
  • An evening meal option and a breakfast option if takeaways are not possible
  • Wine, champagne or beer… You deserve to celebrate!
  • Bath towels, hand towels & tea towels
  • Shower curtain, bedroom curtains
  • Sheet sets or sleeping bags.

First things first – Make up the beds before you get too tired.

Then you can start unpacking everything else!

Being smart and thinking ahead when you’re planning your packing and unpacking will help enormously when it comes to your moving-in day.

Good luck!


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