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Is Minimalism All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

If you find yourself procrastinating, dithering, or avoiding the decluttering that's needed to achieve minimalism, read this. It might help.

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Suffering From Gift Fatigue? 6 Quick Tips!

Kids get SO many presents, they often rip open gift after gift, toss it to one side and open the next. You'll soon discover which are their favourites! The gifts they don't like can be boxed up and saved for re-gifting to friends and familyThe not-quite-so-popular gifts can be tucked away and pulled out in… Continue reading Suffering From Gift Fatigue? 6 Quick Tips!

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Rena And The Unwanted Gifts.

I have a dear funny, sweet and kind friend who has a collection of elephants. She doesn't actually collect elephants. She has nothing against them, but has never actively collected them. They are all gifts from one person. Who insists on buying them for her whenever they spot one. Being an immensely kind and warmhearted… Continue reading Rena And The Unwanted Gifts.