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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Don’t Ever Bulk Buy These Things!

Annabel loved scented body care. She had bathroom cabinets stuffed full and cupboards crammed with stocks of every single product she used and wanted to use and was going to use. At some point in the future… And the bottles were so pretty!



Damn it! EXPIRED!!!

But it was ON SPECIAL!

I’ve been there! I was the queen of bulk buying but I made mistakes. We would suddenly go off a kind of food I’d bought 3 kilos of. Or the first hint of hot sun, when I confidently went to my sun block stash and discovered they had either just expired or the full 1 litre pump would only last a month. In October. Sigh…

More Stuff Doesn’t Make You More Happy…Well Duh!


So often I’ve heard this cry as I’ve helped clients empty their bathroom storage to find unopened bottles, jars, tubes and pumps which were well past their expiry date.

Sun block, cosmetics, makeup, personal care items… They all have expiry dates for a reason.

Unless you know for certain that you WILL use them up before they expire, don’t buy them.

Annabel was mostly annoyed at the waste of money. And having to throw them away which was just adding to the problem of waste in our community.

The remedy?

Only buy what you know you will use in the next three months, or season.


Extra Tiny Tidy Tip…

You can use up near-to expiring sun blocking products as moisturisers, but DO NOT rely on them for sun protection.

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