The Tidy Lady’s Services

You can’t put a price on the freedom you’ll feel when you’re living in your clutter-free home.

The Tidy Lady

Want a beautifully organised and clutter-free home?


Make your life SO much easier and make your home gorgeous too. You deserve it! Read on to find out about The Tidy Lady’s no-judgement services:

Let’s Talk

How about a 30 minute free phone or video consultation? Tell me what’s bothering you about your home or what you need: decluttering, organising, planning storage, or everything!

Book your free half hour call now.

Do It Yourself

A 2 hour in-home or video session focussed on your unique needs and the clutter you’re completely over. Create a beautiful home and continue to declutter and organise independently.


The DIY package includes follow up emails to support your progress and your own workbook to help you work through the Practical Bit.

Get Started

A 1 hour clutter audit by phone or video session where we’ll work out how you can get the beautiful, un-cluttered space you want. You’ll get practical guidance on what to do and where to start.


Get Sorted

Hands-on decluttering, advice on storage & systems and supportive, practical coaching to help you tackle the reasons for your clutter. I can also take your donations away. It’s like magic.

From $210

Minimum booking sessions and travel fees may apply.

One of my favourite Before & Afters

“Thanks to Liz’s inspired creativity, my guest room is now a beautiful and inviting space,
that I want to stay in myself!” F.N.
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A Home You’ll Love

Liz was amazing, she was motivating, caring, and such a genuinely lovely lady which made working so much nicer. Liz is amazing at what she does and would highly recommend her without a question. I booked her services for four hours and within the first hour the change was exciting to watch unfold. By the time she left the areas we were working on were transformed and looking amazing!! My Mum was buzzing for days afterwards and it’s still so lovely to return to a tidy home each day.   Thanks Liz you’re amazing 🙂

A & B, greenhithe