Thinking of hiring someone to help you put your house in order?


Self care is not just about getting massages. At some point we’ve all hired cleaners and gardeners, therapists and life coaches, real estate agents and stagers. Hiring an organiser is just another way to make your life a lot easier and make your home gorgeous. You deserve it! Read on to find out about The Tidy Lady’s services:

Let’s Talk

30 minute free phone call. Tell me what you need: decluttering, organising, planning storage, or everything! Talk to me about what’s bothering you about your home, or your epic clutter.

If you live in the inner or West suburbs of Auckland City I may be able to come to your home for a free 30 minute visit and chat.


A 1 hour no-judgement session where we’ll look at all the areas of your house that are making you crazy. I’ll make suggestions and share my ideas on how to fix those problem areas.

I also offer ongoing support and advice if you need motivation to continue decluttering on your own or to help you maintain your clutter free home.

Get Sorted

Hands-on decluttering and reorganisation, advice on storage and systems and supportive, practical coaching to help you tackle the reasons for your clutter. I can also take your donations away. It’s like magic.

Downsizing will also include visits to your new home to make sure everything will fit, disposal of furniture and co-ordinating movers.

Minimum booking sessions and travel fees may apply.

The Tidy Lady’s Services:

Overwhelmed by your home? We simply have too much stuff in our lives! It’s hard, tackling all the things you need to sort out by yourself. It’s so much easier with a supportive, non-judgmental, hands-on coach. Imagine your home, clutter free and organised, stress-free and easy to maintain. I offer the following home organising services, customised to your needs:


Decluttering is not organising. Don’t worry about having a Pinterest perfect house if all you really need to do is get rid of all that overwhelming STUFF!

This service is a hands-on, dedicated time simplifying the things in your space. We will work together to decide what you really want, need and love. I can help take away the stress and burden of the clutter in your home.


Organising your home doesn’t necessarily require decluttering, but it definitely makes it easier!

Sometimes we are just too busy or overwhelmed to keep our home tidy, stuffing things into cupboards and drawers to deal with later, but later never comes! Wardrobe, laundry, pantry, kitchen, garage, home office, playroom and bedrooms out of control? I can help you sort these spaces out and make them functional and gorgeously organised!

Room Conversion:

Do you crave your own space? A beauty or craft room? Or perhaps you have a room that could be better used in another way, but it’s just too full of stuff? I can help to make your dream come true.

Storage Consultation:

Sometimes all we need to make our homes more organised is storage, built in cabinetry, furniture or portable. I can help you work out what you need to take your home to the next level of organisation.

Scheduled Decluttering & Organising:

Is your entire house in need of decluttering and organising? You can schedule The Tidy Lady into your timetable for a few hours on a regular basis, to tackle a different area of your home each month.


This will include de-cluttering, but on a larger scale. I can help you work out what will be suitable for and will fit your new life and space. I can manage cleaners, packers & movers, handymen, painters, disposal of large items, open home preparation and rubbish disposal.

It’s one of the most difficult things we have to do, choosing what to take with us and what to leave behind. Then deciding what to do with it all, especially sentimental items. If you need someone kind and sympathetic, but practical, I can help.

After Bereavement:

There are so many decisions to be made after a loved one dies. It’s overwhelming, trying to decide what to do with your loved one’s belongings, what to keep, what to dispose of and make sure family get the sentimental items they want. I can work beside you to help with organising all the domestic details that are weighing on your mind, with sensitivity and practicality.

Collections & Hobbies:

Do you have a collection that’s becoming difficult to manage? I can help you organise your vinyl records or dvd collection, your books, recipes, fabrics and photographs.

Need a hand? I cover most of Auckland.

Liz was amazing, she was motivating, caring, and such a genuinely lovely lady which made working so much nicer. Liz is amazing at what she does and would highly recommend her without a question. I booked her services for four hours and within the first hour the change was exciting to watch unfold. By the time she left the areas we were working on were transformed and looking amazing!! My Mum was buzzing for days afterwards and it’s still so lovely to return to a tidy home each day.   Thanks Liz you’re amazing 🙂

A & B, greenhithe