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Hi, I’m Liz,

Is your home


Transform your space

The Non-Kondo way!

100% Judgement Free

There’s a secret no-one tells.

Marie Kondo is lovely and her systems work.

For some people.

But for all you Non-Kondo’s out there

There IS a better way…

The Tidy Lady Way!

It’s Sustainable

Send fewer trash bags to the land fill.

It’s Practical

Real solutions for real people with lives.

It’s Real

You don’t have to fold a thing (unless you want to)!

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by a house stuffed full of Things. That’s why I became a Professional Organiser.

Meet Liz

Want A Hand To Get Your Home Sorted?

Downsizing and don’t know where to start?

Decluttering or downsizing your home can be tough, you keep trying but it’s so hard! With my help you’ll wonder why you waited so long to hire a Professional Organiser. It’ll be faster, easier and way more fun.

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I am a Professional member of the Institute Of Professional Organisers and officially licensed to handle a loaded label maker.

Decluttering & Home Organising Services

Decluttering with care
I want you to be happy in your home.
Keep the things that you love, declutter the rest

Removing donations
Gone, like magic, what a relief!

Creating systems that work for you
and your family
Trust me I know, clutter happens, lets work out
easy ways to keep it under control
Making functional & attractive spaces

Focussed on you & your needs.
Be happier in your home & make it work for you 

Consulting on storage design & lifestyle

Sometimes all you need is better storage &
a few ideas from an experienced professional
Downsizing to fit a new lifestyle

Sensitive, kind & practical support.
Let's make it easier on you & your family

“I had a lot of stuff l didn’t need and unopened boxes from a move 3 years ago. I didn’t know where to begin. Liz helped me to make some bold decisions, I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you so much Liz for your help, you have changed my life.”

D. R.

A Home You’ll Love

Ready to get your home sorted?

You’re busy, you’re tired, your time is precious!

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Tidy Lady helped us “getting organized”. We are moving house and didn’t know where to start. Our garage was in a messy state (Semi hording) and needed decluttering fast. Tidy Lady came to the rescue, Lizzie had a good starting point and a creative plan. She knew the steps to take starting with cleaning out the storage space first, then going through everything that needs to be stored to decide what to keep, then figure out how to best fit it in that space. My Husband doesn’t like change and found the process a bit daunting, but Tidy Lady kept him focused and productive and made the whole process a lot easier to accomplish.

A & H Whangaparoa

The Tidy Lady made a top-notch job of transforming my walk-in wardrobe from cluttered and dowdy to streamlined and fresh. She worked systematically and efficiently with respect and discretion. I was impressed and you will be too!

Julia B

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