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Your home is the centre of your life.

It is essential for your happiness and wellbeing.

It should be your retreat, your haven.

It should be a place to restore your energy, enjoy your friends & where your family can flourish.

Maybe you once had that happiness, maybe you’ve NEVER felt it.

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Liz, my wardrobe and drawers look SO AMAZING! I have been singing your praises (again) today  – its hard to find the words to describe how grateful and happy I am.

– F. n.

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I am a Professional member of the Institute Of Professional Organisers and officially licensed to handle a loaded label maker.

With her delightful approach Liz won me over with her enthusiasm, style and vision for the spaces in my home. Thanks to Liz’s inspired creativity, my guest room is now a beautiful and inviting space, that I want to stay in myself! I highly recommend Liz, a consummate professional who made the process of letting things go, an absolute joy. Thanks again for working your magic today Liz! I’m just thrilled to say the least. Looking forward to our next session.

F. N.

The Tidy Lady made a top-notch job of transforming my walk-in wardrobe from cluttered and dowdy to streamlined and fresh. She worked systematically and efficiently with respect and discretion. I was impressed and you will be too!

Julia B

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