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Liz The Tidy Lady

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Liz, my wardrobe and drawers look SO AMAZING! I have been singing your praises (again) today  – its hard to find the words to describe how grateful and happy I am.

– F. N.

You came in like Mary Poppins, worked your magic with so much practical kindness, I could hardly believe it! I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a big black umbrella outside instead of a car! X

~ Penny

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Thank you Liz for an amazing day.  I really feel on the road to a less complicated more enriched realm of possibilities for whatever may be next. I have no plans no pressing dreams to fulfil bar making way for whatever is in store. Your kindness and beautiful presence is so helpful in this task that is frankly for me difficult to execute on my own xxx gratefully, D.

~ D

I really enjoyed my time with you Liz – honestly, I feel so empowered now. I really appreciate your expertise and advice. I definitely feel so much more freedom and it might sound strange, but my confidence has improved too. Thank you so much.


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