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Decluttering on RNZ

The lovely people at Radio NZ asked me to chat about decluttering. If you’d like to listen (not a video I know!) clink this link –

Or play the sound here –

Your Work Space

In late 2020 I was invited to create a video for an online summit for the Virtual Assistant Online Summit

My talk was all about organising your home workspace for productivity. Click the photo below to watch.

The AM Show

I’ve been on the AM Show again! With Duncan Garner, Sacha McNeill and Mark Richardson.

The Tidy Lady Before & After Playlist On YouTube.

A few highlights…

This devoted mum of two very busy little girls needed a hand to set up more practical systems to store their clothes (among other things). Some practical storage and a serious declutter and she was over the moon.

This busy mum, leaving her things until last, called me in to sort out her wardrobe. Everyone else’s had already been organised to perfection!

The pantry of this house proud mother and business owner, was dark and dingy until The Tidy Lady tackled it!

This older gentleman was having trouble keeping track of his paperwork and was planning to have new carpet put down. A little bit of The Tidy Lady magic and he can use his desk again.

This designer kitchen, well made and nestled in a warm and inviting open plan living area, was just not working for its busy owners. Some decluttering and a little reorganisation, and voila! A beautifully functional space with room to breathe.

Containers make everything better! A busy family with quality time together a priority, needed a more efficient and organised system in their kitchen cupboards. Containers to the rescue!

Moving house? Unpacking is a fab opportunity!

My lovely client used this room as a dumping space but needed it for guests and family to stay. Transformed by The Tidy Lady!