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Suffering From Gift Fatigue? 6 Quick Tips!

Kids get SO many presents, they often rip open gift after gift, toss it to one side and open the next. You’ll soon discover which are their favourites!

  1. The gifts they don’t like can be boxed up and saved for re-gifting to friends and family
  2. The not-quite-so-popular gifts can be tucked away and pulled out in a few weeks – almost like a second Christmas!
  3. Donate! You’ll notice some toys are played with for a very short time then tossed aside. This is a great opportunity to make a family donation box.
  4. If you’d like to minimise your consumption next Christmas start a Limited Santa List.  Decide on a specific number of gifts, let your children decide which things they most want and no more. Share the list with those who love your children so everyone gets to buy something if they want to.
  5. Next year, you can spread gifts out over a few weeks, this makes long holidays especially exciting!
  6. Best idea for next year – Let it be known your family is changing the way you do Christmas (and birthdays). Have a wee look at the post below…

Happy Holidays!


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