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Christmas Post! Keeping Records (Not The Vinyl Kind)

It’s getting closer and closer to the big day! It can really help your stress levels if you’re organised. Instead of being just another thing to add to your load, look at list making as an opportunity to make your life easier, in the short and long term. Keep them in a logical place for easy retrieval next year. Digital list making is the Declutterer’s preference but if you prefer you could buy a sectioned project book or a notebook you love.

  • List the menu and baking you’ve planned for parties or gifts. Make a shopping list of ingredients you need and do a serving, gift box & storage stocktake.
  • Make a Christmas card list, if you get an unexpected card add the sender to your list and send a reply right away. It could be a real card, an eCard, Message or email.
  • As you receive cards, Messages or emails take the opportunity to update the sender’s details in your Contacts or address book.
  • Write down the gifts you gave to each person to avoid accidental duplication next year!
  • Make a Christmas thank you list. As you unwrap gifts keep the gift cards or make a note of who gave it to whom.
  • Thank you cards made by the youngest members of the family mean so much to loving gift givers. Sending thank you notes in any form is a wonderful habit for everyone to have.
  • Put guest timelines and events in one calendar or diary to avoid double booking. Try colour coding for clarity.
  • Write or draw a timeline for Christmas Day and Boxing Day if you have dinners or parties to organise, multiple places to be, dishes, baking and gifts to organise. Put it somewhere handy for everyone involved to check. Include drive time for less stress.
  • Delegate. Make a list of who is doing what. Get everyone involved, from the youngest child, teenagers and their friends to grandparents. What ever they can do will help.
  • Organise party guests to bring food, friends to bring extra chairs, empty dishes or glasses, partners to organise drinks, grandparents to make pavlovas or cakes. You get the idea.

You don’t have to do everything yourself! Remember most people love to help.

Happy organising!


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