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The 5 Decluttering Action Steps With The Tidy Lady & Chorus.

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These are the 5 Actions that need to happen when preparing to declutter.

Which part of your home is driving you crazy right now? When you’ve decided which space is most crucial to declutter, how will you do it?

Think about where you are going to put All The Things as you make decisions. Do you need a cleared space or big table to work on? Do you need to find boxes to hold all the Things you’re moving on? How are you going to transport them?

These are the 5 Actions that need to think about when decluttering:

  • Rehoming – Do you need to return things to friends or family? Does it belong in another room? A few carry bags can be handy for Rehoming.     
  • Donating – Who would you like to gift your Things to? Where is the nearest Op Shop? Get a few boxes in a variety of sizes, remember the bigger the box the lighter the things that go in it.
  • Rubbish – Do you have big bin bags? You’ll need to have them near you. But think about what really is rubbish. There’s very little that can’t be donated or recycled.
  • Recycling – Make sure your big recycling bin is empty or have back up containers and have bags or boxes to carry things to the big bin.
  • Asking – If you live with other people you will need to check with them about SOME things. If they’re not there you’ll need a box for each person for their decluttering decisions.

Flex those decluttering muscles!


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