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Decorations & Other Disasters ~ Making Your Life Easier With The Tidy Lady.

Packing and unpacking decorations is a Not-Fun-Job. Unless you love organising that is! Avoid the Shove-It-All-In-A-Box cop out – Prepare To Be Organised!

This year you have an opportunity to get this really sorted. Remember pulling your Christmas tree out of it’s old saggy cardboard box, unpacking your huge box of baubles that have somehow permanently joined together and untangling what feels like metres and metres of tinsel and lights? Prep for storing it all tidily for next year!

  • Buy specifically designed Christmas storage. (Check out the Warehouse, Bunnings, MitreTen or Kmart)
  • Try inexpensive, durable, stackable plastic containers with firmly fitting lids like Sistema. Jumbo sized for big things (measure your tree parts), smaller for baubles.
  • Gather a variety of usefully sized cardboard boxes, old takeaway containers, wooden wine boxes and shoe boxes.
  • Have all your containers at hand when you take your decorations down.
  • Divide decorations into groups, usually this is by colour or type but it could also be by room or purpose.
  • Wind lights and tinsel around pieces of cardboard (not too tightly) tuck the ends in and file standing up.
  • Use ziplock bags or smaller labelled boxes to separate collections of ornaments.
  • Thread the loops of flat ornaments around a twist tie and bag them up them to stop them tangling.
  • Get your label maker out (or a marker and masking tape) so you know for sure what’s in each box.
  • If anything is getting tired or is broken or you just don’t like it anymore, toss it or donate it.
  • Assign a space for storing Christmas Stuff, remember it’s only used once a year so it can be tucked away, it doesn’t have to take up premium space in your home.

Just imagine how easy it’s going to be to put up your tree and decorations next year!

(and imagine how deliciously tidy all those organised decoration boxes will look!)

Happy organising!


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