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Over Stuffed Wardrobe? ~ Make Your Life Easier With The Tidy Lady

Unless you have minimalist, capsule wardrobe, you probably have too many clothes.

Imagine being able to quickly find what you really feel like wearing, so you can get where you need to go feeling good and looking fabulous.

There will be clothes in your wardrobe or drawers that you haven’t worn in ages. Clothes that are too big, or too small, or you just don’t like anymore.

Or that you’ve NEVER liked! Have you ever felt guilty about a jacket, a dress, a suit? Does it sit there and remind you how much it cost? And you hate wearing it?

It’s taking up space in your wardrobe and your mind. When you’re 99 and a half and you’re looking back on your long life you won’t be fretting about that jacket!

It’s time to give it a new home. Someone out there will absolutely LOVE it.

You don’t have to go crazy and purge your clothes if you don’t want to. It can be a process of elimination over time.

Or just do an initial sweep of the easy stuff.

  • Is it grotty or stained or needs repair? Toss it!
  • Do you just really not like it? Donate it!
  • Does it suit your life now? No? Donate!

Once you’ve made a little more room you can have another go at another time time.

Keep a donation box or basket, or a bag over a door handle, near where you get dressed.

If something doesn’t fit, or doesn’t feel right, put in straight into the bag and take it to your favourite charity on a regular basis or just whenever it’s full.

After even the most minimal of wardrobe declutters, that little bit of space makes it easier to organise what you have left.

Remember, if you have to buy more storage, you have too much stuff!

Make your wardrobe an absolute pleasure to go into each day.


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