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Keys, Coins & Cables – The Clutter Triple Threat

They’re lurking somewhere in your house… Taking up space in your junk drawer, getting tangled with the gaming handset, and just being annoying!

Anything smaller than a Post-it won’t be recycled in the normal chuck-it-in-the-big-recycle-bin way. And neither can eWaste.

Here are some ideas to get them out of your house:


And you don’t have to! Old out of use and foreign coins and notes can have real value.

Give old money new value at Resene ColourShops. They’re working with The Lions Club and Fastway to put old money to good use. You can donate both NZ and foreign money at any Resene ColorShop.

coins spilling out of jar. michael-longmire-lhltMGdohc8-unsplash
Weird old coins…

This is the Lions program: Small Change, Big Difference. You can donate at any Travel Money NZ store

Or you can receive the face value of old NZ coins and and damaged NZ notes from the Reserve Bank of NZ.

Most airports have foreign currency collection points which go to charity. And of course you can convert your foreign notes back into NZ money at your choice of foreign exchange providers.

pile of old keys samantha-lam-zFy6fOPZEu0-unsplash
Remember which lock they come from? No?


They might be important! But they might not… Here are some ideas:

First – test them. Check with the people who might have an idea if they’re important, and return them to the place they came from. Then…

You local metal scrap merchant may be happy for you to donate your old keys. There’s loads of them around. You can take anything metal to them, including the metal parts of hangers. If you’ve gathered enough metal together you might even get a little bit of money for them. Here are a few – But always call first.

Endless – Scrap Metal

Sims – Drop-off locations

Phoenix – Drop off

Western Scrap Metal

~ Keys are always good for games and crafts with the kids too. Can you think of new ways to re-use old keys?


Spot on – you can’t. But they can be recycled! You’ve probably got heaps of them bulging out of boxes and drawers and no one knows exactly what they’re for. Or the thing they used to go with is long gone.

Sort through them with a Person Who Knows – What they belong with, what they fit and if they might actually, realistically, come in handy.

Tip – Unless you’re in IT, you probably only need one kind of each cable (in good condition.)

yellow ethernet cable on blue background pexels-ann-h-3541555
How many of these do you have?

Gather all your unwanted cables (and other eWaste) in a box in the garage and take it to a recycling depot. These folks will sort you out –

eWaste – What Can You Recycle?

Recycling For Charity NZ

Computer Recycling

Abilities Group eWaste

If you have any other ideas on how to get rid of the Triple Clutter Threat, please share them in the comments!

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Declutter Coach & Tidyness Expert.

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