My son was very impressed at how helpful, efficient and kind you are to his old Mum. So great we completed the memory boxes.

RR from Devonport

Tidy Lady helped us “getting organized”. We are moving house and didn’t know where to start. Our garage was in a messy state (Semi hording) and needed decluttering fast. Tidy Lady came to the rescue, Lizzie had a good starting point and a creative plan. She knew the steps to take starting with cleaning out the storage space first, then going through everything that needs to be stored to decide what to keep, then figure out how to best fit it in that space. My Husband doesn’t like change and found the process a bit daunting, but Tidy Lady kept him focused and productive and made the whole process a lot easier to accomplish.

A & H Whangaparoa

A big, big thank you for organising my wardrobe. I love how you colour coordinated my clothes. Why did I not think of it? Also I can find my dresses!

Selena S.

The Tidy Lady made a top-notch job of transforming my walk-in wardrobe from cluttered and dowdy to streamlined and fresh. She worked systematically and efficiently with respect and discretion. I was impressed and you will be too!

Julia B