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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ The Silver Rule Of Clutter Control.

Here’s a really useful Tidy Lady Clutter Control Tip:

Choose one place for each group of things.

If you or your family are always hunting around your house or searching through piles and cupboards and drawers for something, choosing one place to keep them together will help.

Jackets, mugs, Barbies, socket sets, scarves, keepsakes, water bottles, knitting needles. What ever it is, gather them together into one place. This bunch of the same things is now a category. Now you can see how much you own in each category of things.

A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Storage Glorious Storage

This new place should be chosen because it’s the most sensible, convenient place for you. Not because it’s big enough to keep all the things in that category, but because it makes it easy for you to find, reach and put back the things that are in it. You wouldn’t keep all your pots and pans in your wardrobe just because it’s the only cupboard big enough to hold them all!

What Does Organised Look Like?

It can be a bag beside your chair, a cupboard or one drawer or a box on a shelf. It needs to be easy for you and your family to access when and where they need it.

Choose your favourite things from that category and put them in first. When the place is comfortably full close the cupboard, box or drawer.

What is left over is things you don’t like so much. These things are your clutter. But they are someone else’s treasure. Time to donate!

A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~The Golden Rule Of Clutter Control

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