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The Tidy Lady’s Top 5 Decluttering Tips on the AM Show!

I’m talking about the quality of your life here! Less stress in your home is the goal. Decluttering is not about chucking old things out, it’s about only keeping things that you really need or love.

Get Motivated! Give yourself a reason to get started.Think about which space is making you the craziest, annoys you or overwhelms you. Imagine how you would like it to be used or look. Google some photos of your ideal space. Or do you have a dream of making your own office out of the spare (junk) room?

Now Is The Time To Tackle It!

Start Small & Easy. Work up to the Really Hard Stuff.                                                             If the thought of decluttering is completely overwhelming you or you’re dreading it, focus on one sock drawer, or your takeaway containers or just the gardening tools. Move on to more challenging things, one step at a time.

Exercise Your Decluttering Muscles!

Get Everything Out. Group the same things together.                                                       Empty that space if you can. This is where you’ll find you have far more of something than you thought. Like 5 open jars of peanut butter or 9 pairs of black pants. Weed out anything that’s expired, or doesn’t fit, is stained or grotty or you just don’t need or like anymore.

Only Keep The Things That Add Value To Your Life!

Make A Maybe Box. Do NOT list what’s in it.                                                                        (But only if you’re really struggling with something). Store it somewhere difficult to get to. Put a timeframe on using the contents. Label it the Donation Box! If you don’t need the things in that box in 3 or 6 months, the box can go to a new home. Maybe Boxes should be limited, if they’re still on your property it’s not really decluttering!

Gift It Or Donate It! Go On You Can Do It!

Keep It Clutter Free. Put things back in their place.                                                        After decluttering you’ll be left with only things you need and love in your home. Assign a space for each group of items, or activity. You can label the space too, it can help other members of the family find things and return them to the right place, even if it’s just chucked in a basket. Put things you use most often in the easiest to reach places.

Make It Easy On yourself!

Decluttering is like a mini life makeover… Who knows where it might lead!

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