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Are You Wearing Your Undies On The Outside?

Undies on the outside?!

Have you seen an image of the original Superman? (Bespectacled reporter Clark Kent’s alter ego) When he was being Super he wore a bright blue body suit with bright red undies.

On the outside. (He’d never get sun burnt in THAT outfit!)

When Wonder Woman (Diana Prince, also wearing glasses in the original TV show) was being Super she wore HER star spangled blue undies on the outside too.

We try to be Super almost every day.

Taking care of everyone else, taking care of ourselves, working, exercise, family commitments, fitting everything under the sun into our schedules…

Undies On The Outside is just my way of saying –

Look at you Wonder Woman!

Look at you Superman!

You Are Amazing.

But don’t forget balance. It’s important to take time out. To NOT be Super for a little while. To slow down. To stop.

Just wear your undies on the inside for a bit. Maybe comfy ones, that don’t ride up. You deserve it.


PS. If you wear specs you are CLEARLY secretly a Super Hero.



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