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Make Your Home Look Bigger – Tip 5.

Selling? If you’d like to make your spaces look larger try these:

De-clutter your walls. Wide expanses of walls make a room look more spacious.

Take down most of your pictures and photos.

In their place hang a big mirror in tight or dark spaces.

De-clutter your flat surfaces. Fewer ornaments in a room make it lighter and fresher.

Clear your bathroom vanity and all your window sills, even in the laundry and the loo.

Just one or two ornaments left out still make it look like a home.

De-clutter your cupboards. Most people viewing open homes aren’t impressed with how much can be crammed in a linen cupboard!

Reduce the number of towels and sheets, organise them into sets and fold them neatly.

When a potential buyer opens the linen cupboard door it’ll look like a boutique linen store!

It’s a little bit like starting the staging process yourself, it certainly will help any stager to make the most of your home.

Enjoy your simpler, fresher, more minimal space!

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