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Anxious Child or Overwhelmed Teen?

Try sharing a digital family calendar.

Families have such busy schedules and children have so much going on, it can get stressful!

Having a timetable that everyone can see and edit, including your children, can be reassuring. They can see that there IS a structure, they can check it any time and THEY have the ability to add & share appointments.

Paper calendars might work, but if your youngsters have a laptop or iPad to do school work, or their own smart devices, you might find they pay more attention to their schedule or find comfort in being able to check an eCalendar wherever they are.

Also, reminders & notifications can be very helpful for the time-pressured teen or the dreamy child.

You can add any of these ideas to your Family Calendar:

  • Changing their own sheets
  • Game & practice schedules
  • Parties
  • Visits with family
  • After school activities
  • School trips

If you have any other ideas share them in the comments!


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