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Take Control Of Your Fridge! Organise Your Kitchen.

Overwhelmed by the beast that is your refrigerator? Scared of the Things growing in the back? Gagging at the smell when the door opens?

It happens to the best of us. This won’t take long.

Set aside some time or seize the moment! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Prep.
    • Make or find your favourite cleaning product, gloves and a few cloths.
    • Move your compost bucket, recycling and rubbish bin nearby.
    • You might want a spatula for scooping out Unrecognisable Substances before washing and recycling containers.
    • Fill the sink with hot soapy water.
    • Grab a chilly bin if you’re worried about temperature sensitive food like meat and milk.
    • Clear some space on your bench or table. More than you think you need.
  2. Brace Yourself. Take a deep breath…
  3. Open The Door. Take EVERYTHING out. Yes everything. Yes even the little thing that’s supposed to make it smell better. You want to see every single millimetre of surface.
    • Throw as you go. You already know what you want to get rid of. Floppy carrots? Unidentified takeaways? Funny smell? Into the appropriate bin it goes.
    • Put on your spectacles and start reading dates.
    • Best Before – if it’s a few days past it’s probably ok, a few weeks or months… why risk it.
    • Use By – you know the drill.
    • What About The Weird Things? That fancy mustard you used once last year, that salad dressing that really did nothing to jazz up your lettuce… If you truly need it again sometime, you can just buy a fresh jar. Be firm! Out it goes.
  4. Clean!
    • If it’s all really gross and sticky pull out the removable shelves from the body of the fridge and the door to clean them. Hot soapy water does a fantastic job.
    • If you have a really big fridge clean in sections and put the shelves back before you start on the next bit.
    • Wipe down every surface with your favourite cleaner, get into the grooves, changing your cloth if necessary. Rinse if required and wipe dry.
    • Take this opportunity to adjust your shelf spacing as you put them back.
  5. Put Everything Back.
    • Bear in mind there are some things that don’t have to be refrigerated. Read this first – Foods-you-probably-are-refrigerating-but-shouldnt
    • Think about what you use most. Put them in last, near the front or in the door.
    • Remember food safety rules! Raw meat should be wrapped on a plate or in leak proof containers on the lowest shelf. Dairy is best kept in the body of the fridge not the door, because of temperature fluctuations (depending on how fast you consume it).
    • There are some very affordable storage containers available for fridges which can help keep things organised. Check out Kmart, The Warehouse or Storage Box.
  6. Maintaining Your Fridge.
    • Make it a habit to peruse the contents of your fridge when you’re taking the rubbish or compost out.
    • Use those old takeaway containers you’re keeping just in case – store leftovers in them and write a big clear date and description on one end.
    • Plan to use leftovers for lunch or a quick meal.
    • Before you go shopping, have a clean-out, if a shelf looks a bit empty, take the things out and give it a wipe.
    • You might like to have a container at eye level for your Most-Likely-To-Raid-The-Fridge family members which is labelled – Eat This First. It’s worth a try.


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