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Christmas, Already?! Time to Prep!

Every year something goes wrong, but we seem to be so unprepared. Now is the time for Preventative Planning!

The fridge is too small for All The Food.

  • Give it a good clear out! Take Control Of Your Fridge.
  • Adjust the height of the shelves with big things in mind.
  • Borrow, buy or hire a fridge: always get one a little bigger than you think you’ll need.

The recycle bins in the house are overflowing.

Bottles and plastic packaging and cardboard and wrapping paper galore! Our normally perfectly sized bins are just not going to to cut it.

  • Get some cardboard boxes or carrier bags and keep them nearby, but not in the way. If you fill your big bin they can act as temporary containers until your bin is emptied.
  • Assign recycling gathering and bin emptying to a friend or family member, a helpful, wonderful friend who gets extra hugs and glasses of wine/Christmas cake for being fabulous.

We’ve run out of something critical.

Get your list making mojo on!

  • Write down all the things you need to buy.
  • List things you remember running out of last holidays.
  • Do a stocktake of essentials like pain killers, toilet paper, wine…
  • Check each thing off your list as you get it done.

There’s suddenly not enough serving dishes of the right size.

Did you decide to use your largest platter for some veggies? And then remember that it’s the only one that fits the turkey? Do a quick stocktake of your dishes before you start cooking and assign as needed.

Any disasters still haunting you from Christmas’ Past?

  • Did the cat pull the tree over?
  • Did the dog steal the lamb leg from the BBQ?
  • Did someone knock themselves sillier on the sliding glass door?
  • Did a critical recipe fail miserably?

Start thinking about Disaster Prep! Remember, make your life easier. Suggestions: Invent some anti-cat guards for around the tree or put it in a really big stable base. Keep pets out of the way when there’s food around. Stick decorations to the ranch slider and stick with simple recipes or practice new ones – you still have time!

What do you do with your real Christmas tree?

Here are Some nifty ideas from the Council. on getting rid of your real (now dead and shedding) Christmas tree plus a few other sensible thoughts on minimising waste.

Happy holidays!


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