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Are You An Eco Worrier?

Are your decluttering efforts paralysed by your sense of personal responsibility for disposing of your things in an ecologically responsible way?

Decide on your priority. Give your things a new life!

Would your pantry be far more useful if it DIDN’T have 100 empty glass jars in it?

Are those broken electronics taking up way too much room in your office or bedroom?

Is that pile of Almost-Perfect games, puzzles and toys nagging you to do something about them?

Find a good home for them:

  • Find someone in your area who might need them. Try posting on Neighbourly or your community Facebook page.
  • For jars and bottles : Community Fruit Harvesting
  • Google clever ways to use your eco-clutter.

Find someone to fix it:

Fix it yourself:

Ask your local OP shop or toy library if they have the facility to repair the item.

Recycle it:

  • It may not be the best way for the planet but if you’re not buying more it’s going to be a one-off solution to your clutter.
  • Check out my Useful Links page for eWaste recycling  services, Council inorganic, and the C.A.B.’s list of Recycling Sources.


Sometimes we over-think these things. Very little of our clutter is actually in such bad condition that it’s considered to be rubbish.

Get online and do some research! Get together with like minded people and work together to find a way to make a difference.

It’s worth the effort to feel good about your actions AND you get to declutter, which makes you happier too.


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