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Clutter Is Just A Symptom ~ Six Smart Ways To Invest In Yourself.

Do you prioritise everyone else above yourself?

Clutter IS just a symptom. There are many reasons why our homes become cluttered, sheer busyness, illness and clutter-causing habits. However…

Too often I’ve seen a common theme of clients prioritising everyone else above themselves, feeling they have to do everything and not asking for help, leaving them no time to deal with the messy parts of their home or their own wellbeing.

Everything gets shoved in cupboards until they’re nearly exploding and surfaces simply disappear under the the bits and pieces of daily life.

We all deserve to be happy, stress-free, have wonderful experiences, a home that is our haven and have things around us that bring us joy.

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Your job is to make that happen for yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. You need to act in your own best interests to make your life the best it can be, right now.

Only we can give ourselves permission to act in our own best interests. Once we understand this and take action to improve our wellbeing, we find strength, we remember our ability to choose the best path for ourselves and we find freedom from the burden of clutter, in all aspects of our life.

An important part of my work is talking through how my clients can do this, what steps they can take to resolve the issue that is at the core of their clutter problem. Then we put strategies in place which allow them to focus on the most important changes that they need to apply to their life. This has a flow-on effect of reducing stress at home, improving relationships and keeping their home clutter-free long term.

This is not about denying others anything, this is not selfishness. Your life is to be enjoyed, right now. Not in the Future-Sometime. You need to invest in your happiness, Right Now.

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Here Are Six Smart Ways To Invest In Yourself:

  • Make Time.
  • Find Money.
  • Outsource The Boring Bits.
  • Build A Support Network.
  • Prioritise Self Care.
  • Declutter Your Life.
1. How Do I Make More Time?

It IS possible! Determine the minimum amount of time you need, to start doing the things you need to do, to make your life better, RIGHT NOW. It might only start out at 1 hour per month. Keep working on it! Ask friends and family to babysit or arrange play dates. Get away from your usual time-sucking space. Retreat to a cafe or the library or a co-working office space. Schedule that time into your month, week or day and stick to it. Sounds simple right? NOT! The trick is prioritising YOU. No apologies. No permissions required other than the permission you give yourself. And no skipping it!

2. How Do I Find More Money?

Put your mind to the challenge of finding extra money to spend on making YOUR life better. Set your mind or the mind of someone financially astute to rationalising your debt. Optimise your cash flow now, so you can afford to do the things you want to do. Budget for it. If you’ve never budgeted and you’re scared of money, ask for help! Start a savings account, just for you. Put all and any Found Money in this account. Make a regular payment of what ever you can afford and increase it a little every month. Prioritise. It’s amazing how often we can find money for gifts for the ones we love. This is a gift for YOU!

3. How Do I Outsource Tasks I Hate?

You are not Super Human! Your mission is to have the best life you possibly can, right now. Think of the tasks that you absolutely loathe. They are burdens that drag you down. Use your Found Money to outsource that task. Negotiate with the people around you. Someone in your circle may have skills that you can pay or barter for. Love baking but detest washing windows? Waft a tray of freshly baked cookies under your neighbours nose… Delegate. Willing hands are everywhere, but you’ll never know until you ask. Children can be taught to be independent, partners can swap tasks, your cleaner might be very happy to include ironing in their schedule.

4. How Do I Build A Support Network?

Start now. Whether it’s a business support person, another parent or a personal trainer, go hunting with intention. Think about what you need. Do you need company? Help with marketing your business? Time alone? Start contacting people. Reach out. Join networking groups, parents groups, meet-ups. Get online and join groups on Facebook, sign-up to LinkedIn and start engaging with other members. Get to know useful people. Keep reaching out, the more people you meet and talk to the more likely you’ll find someone you didn’t even know you needed.

5. How Do I Prioritise Self Care?

Your mission is to have the best life you possibly can, right now. Your health will be better and so will your relationships. You are not being selfish. A well and happy person can give far more to those they love than a depressed, stressed and frantic person. Have I mentioned scheduling? Yes! Do it! No kidding around here, this is THE best way to make sure your wellbeing is prioritised. No skipping it, it’s NOT penciled in, it’s written in concrete. Talk with someone you know will be supportive. Get them on-side, make them part of your Support Network as your Wellbeing Cheerleader, and reciprocate! Consult a Life or Wellbeing Coach, money very well spent!

6. How Do I Declutter My Life?

Start with decluttering your home. You might find that decluttering your belongings is just the start. Decluttering is an opportunity to design your new life, to move forward and grow. Start with easy things in your home, like plasticware with missing lids. Move on to more difficult things, one space at a time. Weed your wardrobe. Only keep clothes you love, that reflect your current life and future dreams. Curate your digital experience. Edit your email and social media feed. Feel free to unfriend and unsubscribe with complete abandon! Reduce exposure to people who bring you down. If they are negatively affecting your wellbeing, it’s only sensible to minimise contact with them.

You are on your own personal path to a better life. Think about how your life will be different if you try any of these gifts to yourself. Think of the best life that you can imagine and work towards it. Dream and take action. Visualise people you know admiring your new attitude of self-care. Visualise your peaceful home life, your gorgeously decluttered house, your consistent sense of inner wellbeing, whatever that means for you.

A little warning… Decluttering your home and life, making your happiness a priority, just might transform your future into one you could once only dream of. You can make it a reality.

You deserve it.


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