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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ What Do You Do With Greeting Cards?

Keeping your house clutter free means you often need to be quite creative with the things that accumulate during the year. If you still receive real cards here are a few suggestions:

  • Create a card memory book. Punch holes in one side and make books out of them with ribbons or metal rings.
  • Scan to your computer and display them along with your photos.
  • Make a treasure box just the right size for the cards you have now. As you add one, take one out.
  • Resend the cards back to the original sender with a new note and a new date.
  • Create a scrap book for each person or occasion.
  • Donate the cards you no longer want to keep to a child care centre or use them for crafts with your younger family members.
  • Declutter them! Appreciate them in the moment and recycle them or keep them for one year only and recycle when you receive one from the same person.

What do YOU do with your greeting cards?

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