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What Is The Best Way To Fold Towels?

If you’re as busy as I am, it’s great to find quick ways to get your regular household jobs done more efficiently.

We do these tasks over and over again. Just think of how many times in your life you’ve washed, folded and hung towels in your home, I don’t think I could do that math!

If the way towels look in your home is important to you, or space is an issue like it is with me, folding and arranging towels in a practical but attractive way can be a tiny time saver.

I love finding ways to find more time to do the things I’d rather be doing. It’s not always practical to fold everything into tiny packages that stand up by themselves, but if you have the time go for it! Send me pics, I love to see other peoples gorgeous folding.

Curating Your Home.

If arranging towels in your home is a very meditative and pleasurable thing for you, you’re sorted.

But if you’d like to know how to make the eternal job of hanging your towels just a little bit easier, read on!

(I’ve used my hand towels because it was just too hard to take photos of my bath sheets!)

Fold Towels The Same Way You Hang Them In Your Bathroom

Note: This technique applies to all sizes of towels.

  • Fold straight from the dryer or line if you can. I find my clean laundry can become a semi permanent occupant of the couch if I don’t!
  • Practice folding to a size and shape that fits the space where you store them.
  • Look at how you hang your towels (or would like to hang them).
  • Follow the folding style below that most suits you.

If you hang your towels in a completely different way, choose the fold that feels the most natural to you when you’re unfolding to hang them. (And send me pics!)


If this is how you like your towel to hang…

Follow these steps:


If this is how you like your towel to hang…

Follow these steps:

If you like you can roll your towels after the third step. This is a really handy way to store towels in baskets or open shelves and cubes.


Try out your new folding style and have a go at hanging them. You’ll probably find that you’ll need to hold onto one side to unfold it the way you want it to hang.

The goal is to not have to re-fold or fiddle about to hang them. It won’t be long and it’ll become a habit. Those towels will fly into their place, look good and you can move onto something else.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your life easier. Why not start with towels!

If you’d like to see a video of these folding techniques, let me know.


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