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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Organising With Plastic Zip Lock Bags.

For a while now there’s been a movement to no longer buy “disposable” zip lock bags. You can buy truly reusable zippy bags now, and it’s always possible to wash and reuse the old kind. Until they spring a leak.

Even then they can still be used to store things. All sorts of things! And you can write on them, so no need for special labels.

The Best Way To Fold Plastic Carrier Bags (Everyone Has Them!)

They are so handy. Big or small, I’ve used them with clients to store:

  • Makeup and beauty gear
  • Cables for electronics
  • Puzzle pieces, inside the box
  • Whole small puzzles, board and pieces
  • Small games when the box has broken
  • Crafting bits and bobs
  • Keep little bits of LEGO together
  • LEGO sets with their book
  • Doll accessories
  • Paints & inks
  • Sewing bits and bobs
  • Cut onions and open jars of garlic… stinky!
  • Screws and other small hardware bits and bobs

They have come in handy with clients who need organised pantyhose, swimsuit sets, embroidery kits, cake decorating tools and dress-up costume sets. I’ve also used the snack size zip lock bag to keep the labels of favourite clothes together so they know what to look for next time.

What do you use old zip locks for? I’d love to know!


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