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So, You’ve Decided To Keep Something…

  • Grandma’s pretty china.
  • Those GORGEOUS shoes you bought last year. (Yes I know that was only a couple of weeks ago, work with me here).
  • That old Monopoly set that you remember playing with at the bach when you were a little kid.
  • The books you’ve collected over the years, yes all of them.
  • The wooly hot water bottle covers your Nanna knitted that look like hippos but they’re actually supposed to be cute fluffy rabbits.
  • Extra sets of deliciously good quality sheets.

Good stuff, you’ve made a decision to keep these things when you’ve decluttered. Now what?

You’re worried that Grandma’s china is too delicate to keep out and there’s no room in the china cabinet. Those shoes are… somewhere in the back of your wardrobe. The Monopoly set is under someones bed. You’re pretty sure.

The books though, they’re on a bookshelf! But they’re in double rows so you can fit them all on but you can’t see the titles of the back rows…

The Tidy Lady

Ok, you get the drift right? My point is this:

If you are going to keep something, store it so you can see it and use it.

Use them. Use the sheets! For goodness sakes you deserve nice sheets! Donate the old ones if they’re still in excellent condition.

Get a proper shoe rack so you can see them all. Get a bigger bookshelf. Especially if you’re buying more books, then you can read them. An unopened, unloved book is a sad book.

Play the Monopoly game, keep Grandma’s china in your special tea cupboard to serve to your friends, keep the hotties on hand to cuddle on a cold night.

Otherwise, they’re still clutter. You could always do another declutter of course, I’m a big fan of Second Wave Decluttering. You may still decide to keep these things but you might make more room by getting rid of other things that aren’t as important to you.

And you won’t need to buy more storage!


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