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Are You REALLY Ready To Declutter? The 5 Stages.

Ready to let a few things go? Free yourself from the burden of too much stuff? Go Minimal To The Max? Let’s see…

Which Stage Are You At?

Stage 1. Precontemplation – Nope! Not even thinking about it. It’s not clutter, it’s good stuff!

Of course it’s good stuff, you wouldn’t have kept if it wasn’t.

But you really cannot fathom why family members keep buying you books by Marie Kondo. Or why your friends think big black bin bags (B.B.B.B.!) and Sistema boxes are THE best present for your last few birthdays. And Christmas.

That’s cool, you’re obviously super happy with your home and your stuff. You don’t need to declutter. Or do you…? Have you been secretly reading those decluttering books? Are you tired of constantly spending your precious time searching and organising and tidying and sorting and cleaning…?

Wait… could it be possible? That you might just have too much stuff?!

Stage 2. Contemplation – Ugh! This stuff is a pain in the neck. I can’t find anything! I keep stubbing my toe on these boxes, ow! I should do something…

Hmmm, looks like your stuff is annoying you. Is it because there’s too much of it for the space you have available? Maybe, you could make your home a little easier to live in…

Or do you think you just need to be a bit more organised? It’ll probably help, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you didn’t have to buy so many containers? Or pay so much to have it all stored in that unit?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to NOT feel overwhelmed by all the things filling up the space in your home?

Now you’re really starting to think about it… Maybe you could let a few things go?

Stage 3. Preparation – Sigh. This is going to take a lot of work. I’d better find some time to do it. And get some boxes. And a LOT of coffee.

Good stuff! Have you actually scheduled time to sort, box up and deliver your donations? Have you worked out what it will take for you to stay motivated until the job is done?

Lift the burden of clutter from your shoulders. Decide why, when and how you’re going to do this thing.

What do you really want? Beautifully clear surfaces? A Pinterest worthy wardrobe? To not be embarrassed to invite new friends to your home? Or just to be able to find those old family photos? Get motivated!

Know your goal. Enthusiasm is the best possible preparation.

Stage 4. Action – Right! Let’s get stuck in! I don’t need this, or this, or this. Where did THIS come from? Oooh I might need that!

Go you! Start with the easy stuff. Focus on your goal. Take things that are in the wrong place back to where they belong. Put aside things that slow you down, but don’t forget to come back to them.

What was that? It’s hard? I know, but it’s ok to take a break. Do what you can when you can. Set little goals so you don’t give up.

Make yourself a Maybe Box.

Wait… What’s happened? You LOVE living with less mess? You’re thinking about Minimalism, Tiny Houses, Travel?

You’ve tasted the freedom of the clutter free life.

Stage 5. Maintenance – Wow that’s a great special, 50% off! Oh wait… I already have one. ~ Oh thanks Mum, but I don’t need it. ~ Ok kids, which toys are going to be donated this time?

Woo hoo! Good on you! This is how you do it! Start this new habit now, even if you’re in the Contemplation stage.

If you can limit what’s coming into your house while you decide how you’re going tackle what’s already IN your house, you’re starting to make a huge difference.

Before you know it your home will be transformed into a place where you can rest, or play, or work on the things that you truly love and serve you.

Cleaning and tidying will be a breeze.

Which stage are you at? Let me know in the comments!


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