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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Avoiding Thinking About Downsizing?

How do you downsize when you can’t even bear to think about tackling such a huge job?

Do you remember that big garden clean-up job you had to do? The time you had to find a leak somewhere under the house? Gutter clean-out time when you noticed the waterfall outside the window?

Tough jobs are always easier if you do them often and regularly.

It’s the same when you’re downsizing.

Are You Really Ready To Declutter?

If you’re likely to be moving to a smaller low-maintenance home or a gorgeous new apartment in a retirement complex, you’ll find the process so much easier if you start now.

If it’s next year or sometime in the next five, start now. If you leave it to the last minute, it’s likely to be stressful and exhausting and really hard!

Start with the easy stuff and work up to the tricky things.

The Tidy Lady’s Top 5 Decluttering Tips On The AM Show

Your future self will thank you!


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