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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Life Is Too Short To Wear Uncomfy Undies

You spend the whole day in them, working hard, busy with your family. You know how uncomfy underpants make you feel. Squirmy… Furtive adjustments…

So why are they taking up room in your drawers? Anything that doesn’t fit properly, rides up or is torn, stretched out or you just never wear – toss! So how do you choose what to keep?

A good measure is – what’s in the wash? They’re your favourites.

  • On wash day take everything out of your undie drawer
  • Put the freshly washed pairs back in the drawer
  • Choose you next favourite pairs and pop them in too

I bet you have a lot more room in there now, everything that doesn’t fit in the drawer, or is otherwise undesirable can be turned into rags, dolls clothes (if they’re fancy and you’re crafty) or chucked out.

You deserve to feel good and be comfy.


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