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This Decluttering Secret Is Not So Secret, But Do YOU Know It?

Look around you. What do you see?

Do you see your home as a place that helps you live your best life? Are you working towards that dream? Maybe that’s why you’re reading this.

You might be sick and tired of all the stuff littering your surfaces. Maybe you’re OVER cupboards so crammed you can’t put anything away. Or you might be feeling total dread and loathing about the piles in every room in your house.

We often look at our clutter like it’s one big, ugly, huge, overwhelming, scary mess.

So we break it down into manageable chunks. Great. Not so bad after all.

But you know what happens when you start to declutter. We’ve all been there: You’re ready to rock this space! You pick a spot to declutter and pick up the first thing. This one’s easy – Donate! And another – Donate! This isn’t so hard!

Then you pick up something that makes you feel a feeling.

It doesn’t matter what the feeling is. It came from a thought or a memory. It went through the filter of your beliefs and out popped an emotion. It goes like this:


This is often the moment we stop this HORRIBLE, AWFUL job of decluttering. It’s too much, too HARD! Everything gets shoved back in, whew, what a relief! Until we open that cupboard again.

This happens because we’re not able to move past those beliefs that made that emotion come up. We’re just not ready to declutter that difficult thing from our life.

Our beliefs get stuck in grooves in our mind. They create old patterns that are comfy. Even if they’re bad for us or hold us back. They show up as habits and old behaviour patterns with the people in our lives. They form our reactions to pretty much everything.

These sticky old beliefs affect our whole lives. Not just our decluttering efforts. Our beliefs keep us trapped. And they’re REALLY hard to budge. Not impossible, just hard.

It’s like we’re stuck in a maze. We can see where we want to go, but we’re can’t get there.

So why not have a good look at your old beliefs? YUK! UGH! Are you nuts Liz! Uncomfortable!!! Yes, it can be. But there is a way to make it a little easier to let go.

Some people like to wait until their old beliefs have shifted before they declutter.

Some people do a lot of work on themselves before they can declutter.

Some people NEVER declutter because they can’t bear to look closely at their beliefs.

All are absolutely fine if you don’t mind living with your clutter while you’re waiting (or living with your clutter forever). It’s easier to declutter SOME things when you’re ready, but there’s always another bunch that will be just as hard.

But here’s the secret. Decluttering helps to free us from those sticky beliefs.

Some people already know this secret. They know that decluttering unfinished projects, habits, old thought patterns, old stuff that they’ve grown out of, not only frees them from what was, it opens a path to what they would like to be.

When you make a decision to declutter a thing that does not serve your best life it will feel good.

Understanding and acknowledging the WHY of your belief is the first step to being free of it. Then you can argue with that sticky old belief. If you understand the origin of the feelings that hold you back from decluttering, it will feel right to clear that difficult clutter from your life.

You can make your decluttering decisions from a place of knowing your old self and moving past your old beliefs to create a home and a life that you love.

Once you know this, you can use it forever. You can use it resolve any future clutter struggles. You can use it to help change any habits that don’t serve your best life.

This is how you make it a little to easier to let go.

Changing your limiting beliefs, creating a beautiful home & clearing your path to your best life.

This is the gift of decluttering.



PS: If you just can’t bring yourself to even start, you might not be ready to move past that old phase of your life that your beliefs have you stuck in. Starting with easier things is a really smart way of challenging your old beliefs in a small way. Just keep going.

PPS: If you’d really love to move past an old time, an old you or move into a whole new life but it’s just too hard you might need a hand.

I want to help you work out how to do this. So I wrote this ebook: The Secret To Decluttering Difficult Things.

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