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This Smart Thing Is Awesome But Only If You Actually Use It!

Noooo! Not ANOTHER Smart Thing!? No, it’s not talking toasters, chatty fridges or washing machines that play Beethoven.

It’s impossible for a baddie to hack them and they WILL save your sanity.

Your kids can make their own, but it’s best if you do the initial analysis and any set-up required. Sounds fancy right? It’s really not. This is an example of what I’m talking about:

Jason & Kate have a problem. It’s a small problem but never-the-less it’s annoying. Their three kids, Georgie, Charlie and Lottie, always dump their school bags randomly around the house or in a big messy pile on the floor the moment they’re inside.

The kids get yelled at for being messy and mum or dad have to track the bags down to dig out the lunch boxes, homework and togs or yell at the kids to fetch them.

Every morning and every afternoon is a bit crazy in their house. A bit stressful. A bit LOUD.

They’re good kids, the problem is no-one knows where anything goes.

The problem is the entrance way, not the kids.

Against the wall is a big chest-high cupboard, that’s full of shoes. That no-one wears. Because they can’t be bothered to open the doors and pull them out and put them back again. It’s covered in a mountain of dumped school art, unopened mail, toys, phone chargers…

On the floor there are piles of shoes, hats, bags, balls, library books and roller skates. Things that need to be grabbed on the way out, but no-one can find what they need.

There’s just nowhere left to put anything, no-one can find anything and it’s a bit of a mess. It’s really stressful!

The fix? Smart Spots!

Get Ready For A Tidy Lady Entranceway Overhaul!

First they decluttered the big old bureau, then moved it elsewhere. Some sturdy hooks were installed at the right height for the kids. In fact a whole bunch of hooks, which were labelled with each of the kids names. Hooks right where you need them? = Smart Spots.

The pile in the corner was decluttered and just the essentials were hung on the hooks.

A set of ordinary old white cube shelving units were installed along the bottom of the wall for shoes, balls, books and other things that couldn’t be hung. Each kid had their own set of cubby’s. Cubby’s or shelves right where you need them? = Smart Spots.

Getting the kids to put things in the right place wasn’t that hard now they knew where to put their things. Jason & Kate also knew where things were when they needed them. They were so happy, they could do this anywhere in their home!

They had learnt my Smart Spot Rule.

This is the Smart Spot Rule: Make a home for a thing, where you need it the most, in a place that it fits, that’s easy to get to. And put it back when you’re done with it.

Smart Spots will change your life.

I ♥︎ Smart Spots!



PS: Tell me you favourite Smart Spot decision! Mine was finding a gap between the top of the dishwasher and the bench where I could slide my biggest chopping board. Kept it out of the way but instantly available and it never fell over again. The end. I love a happy ending.

It’s the salesy bit!

Yes! The bit where I tell you that if you’d like some real, nitty-gritty, practical decluttering and home organising advice…. call me!

All I want is for you to be happy with your home. If you’re not, let’s find out why and fix it! You can reach me here:

That’s it really. There’s so much you can do yourself, go on, pick my brain!



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