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A Tiny Tidy Tip ~ How Many Shoes Should We Own?

Or clothes? Or sheet sets? Brace yourself… The answer is…

As Many As You Want.

Shocking right!? A professional organiser, PROMOTING EXCESS!!!! Omg. Quick! Tell the minimalism police!

The thing to think about is this:

What is your priority.

If your shoes, handbag collection or your wine glass sets are deeply important to you, are they your top priority? Are they more important than other things? Are they more important than uncluttered, clear space in your home?

How much space are you willing to give up for your delicious new high heels?

OK, what are you going to give up, move out and toss to give them the space and display area they deserve? Are you prepared to spend money on storage to organise them properly? If you can’t see those gorgeous shoes, how can you enjoy them?

Are you still collecting those irresistible wedges?

If you have completely filled the space you’ve prioritised for your favourites, you’ll have to think carefully about adding to it. If it becomes really annoying, it’s time to think about the one-in / one-out method. It becomes more about curating your collection.

There’s a whole heap of other things to think about, and decisions to make when sorting out your priorities. And YOUR priorities may not be the same as other people in your home. In fact they’re often the opposite.

Working out your priorities, with storage space in your home, and pretty much all the other areas of your life is a really useful exercise. Give me a call if you’d like a hand.

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PS. Not too long, but not short either… A wordy Tiny Tidy Tip. I might have to cut my coffee consumption… (Ha like that’s ever going to happen!)

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