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A Tiny Tidy Tip ~ Low On Time Or Energy? Get Stuff Done!

You have a project. It’s actually not a big project but there are a few elements to consider and gather together or there are a few steps to take to finish the job. The end result will be worth it, but you just can’t do the whole thing from beginning to end in one go.

You might not have the time. You might not have the energy.

The project might be:

  • Wrapping presents
  • Crafting for gifts or yourself.
  • Folding a huge pile of laundry.
  • Building a toy car parking garage or a doll house.
  • Setting up a herb garden.
  • Sorting out tax paperwork.
  • You get the idea. It can be a regular task or a special job.
  • So here’s what you can do.

Make a space where you can keep your project for the time you estimate you’ll need. A trolley can be a life saver but clearing one space for this project, or assigning a practical space for regular jobs is crucial.

Start to gather together all the things you’ll need to complete the job. If it’s a permanent solution to a regular job make sure all the things you need have an assigned spot nearby.

Break the project down into chunks of actions. You know you can’t complete it, so think about what you CAN do, one step at a time. Maybe pull out all the socks from the laundry pile – the pile will look slightly smaller already!

The trick is… to regularly tackle a bit of the project or it will become a dreaded…. UNFINISHED PROJECT!!! (Queue ominous scary music…) Which is just another type of clutter.

I’m going to call this The Break It Down Method To Get Stuff Done.


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