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Feeling Weird About The Kids Going Back To School? I Challenge You To Do This.

Decimated by 89 year old line dancers and things that smell funny.

Weird. Like that feeling you get when you step off a boat and the ground feels like it’s moving. Especially the first day when you walk back inside after dropping them off and it’s SO quiet.

Or that incredible feeling of relief when the truck that’s been idling outside turns its engine off. There’s sudden, immense peace, but something’s missing…

Sticky, noisy, adorable, crazy, funny, exhausting kids.

You miss them so much!!! You might even feel a bit down. Or lost. All of a sudden there’s a big gap in your life after having them with you every minute of the day for weeks. And you feel unprepared.

But you’re also so happy they’re off to school or kindy and you can actually start to GET STUFF DONE!

Here’s the challenge part. You saw it coming right?

After you’ve done the dishes, made the beds and all the other things you can see needs doing and you’ve had a hot cup of bliss and your brekkie, I want you to do one of these things:

Declutter the plastics drawer or cupboard. The bloody things breed, lose their lids and smell funny. They seriously need regular culling. Move on to another place that makes you nuts. Keep going, one cupboard, drawer or shelf at a time.

Learn to use Skype, Zoom or Facetime and call someone you love. Record a funny little video and send it to your kids or your best friend. Start your own You Tube or Vimeo channel and teach your Nan how to watch your videos. Teach her how to make her OWN videos!

Weed your wardrobe. If you’re really lucky you’ll have a styley friend who’s been DYING to purge your clothes. Do it (if you trust them). It’s a brilliant time to change it up.

Join a daytime class where you move your bod. Bellydancing! Salsa! Line dancing? Ok fine, pilates, yoga, walking groups. (I can’t line dance to save my life, I ALWAYS end up facing the wrong way to everyone else. 89 year olds making me look bad AND I get sweaty. Mostly because it’s SO embarrassing.) Don’t let me put you off though, it’s lots of fun.

Make a space for you. Don’t argue, no excuses. Do it. If you can’t do yoga at home because there’s no where to spread your mat out, do something about it. If you’ve decided to study, take up a craft or try something else that needs a flat clear surface, make it happen. If you already have, make it better. You deserve it.

Help someone. Talk about making yourself feel awesome! A lonely neighbour, a friend with a new baby, a friend starting a new business. Ask how you can help. You know stuff and you’re lovely, share that knowledge and loveliness.

Normally I’d have written this ages ago and suggested you plan to do this. But it’s the actual experience of the weirdness that really motivates us to get off our butts and make a change.

So pick one and get started, or choose something else that’s going to get you moving in the right direction and just makes you feel better.

Bye for now,


PS. PLEASE tell me if you start line dancing so I can be jealous of your skills!

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