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A Tiny Tidy Tip ~ After the school hols do you do this?

Chaos has reigned! Now it’s time to get tidy. Or at least tackle a sucky job or two.

Clean The Fridge.

It’s not as bad as cleaning the oven (Cleaning the what? I’m putting my fingers in my ears – la la la…) And there are germs! (Shudder). Get everything out, toss the randoms and give it a good wipe down with your fav cleaner.

Vacuum Under The Beds.

Another shudder. Especially teen’s rooms, I cannot count the number of times I’ve had to hold open a bin bag for a mum who’s pulled out plates of mouldy food and astonishing amounts of Furtively Hidden Food Wrappers.

Declutter Old Toys.

Just the easy ones. Macca’s freebies, dusty broken things that haven’t seen the light of day in years, toys and books that they have outgrown ages ago. Still good? Donate! Make it an easy peasy single sweep, no need to make it a massive declutter. Unless you’re suddenly inspired…

Ha! A short Tiny Tidy Tip! Yay me!


Bye for now,


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