Stuck At Home? ~ Things you can do around the house if you’re self isolating (bless you!)

This post I wrote in April 2018 is just right for the situation we find ourselves in right now.

If you’re stuck at home for two weeks because you’re self isolating (I’d kiss you for being so wonderful but it’s not very wise…) have a look at this post, I’ve shared some ideas of things you can do at home to prepare for winter. Your future self will thank you!

It’s getting a bit cooler now, just when we’d gotten used to dressing for the heat! It’s easier to sleep, thank goodness, but if you’re sick of the telly and you need a break from working from home or cleaning (I bet your toaster never looked so good) and you’ve just finished a book and you’re looking for something to do…

Here are…



If you’re self isolating and you’d like some decluttering advice or coaching contact me to schedule a free half hour phone or video chat. It’s the least I can do to support you.

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