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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Hooks Are A Girls Best Friend…

Hooks are brilliant.

They let us use spaces that were useless. They keep things off the ground. They keep things in order, and make it easy to see the things that hang on them.

They also put things right in our line of sight when we are in most need of them.

Clutter Is Just A Symptom

Training other members of your household to use hooks takes one job off your hands. Hopefully.

Command removable hooks are brilliant. Cord Bundlers can be used in surprising places, like on the back of this little dehumidifier.

The inside of the mirrored bathroom cabinet door is often wasted. Eyelash curlers are a pain in the neck. They take up lots of room and get tangled up with other things. This spot is perfect.

Whack in a few nails and you have a place for every item.

S hooks are really handy, this rack has permanent hooks but it’s easy to make your own with a towel bar.

Keep special or expensive toys out of harms way but still visible. Popping up some hooks is quicker and easier than installing a shelf.

Keeping things up and off the floor is life changing. Try it. It makes rooms look bigger and tidier, avoids painful ankle bangs and stops things getting tangled up. Ever tried to untangle 2 or 3 bicycles? Ugh.

Keep the essentials right where you need them, but remember to declutter your hooks. Too many things on a hook is just a vertical pile.


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