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A Tiny Tidy Tip! ~ Make A Home Device Charging Station.

Coming home from a busy day can be crazy! You throw your bags down and wrangle the kids, the mail, the dog, the partner and then the landline rings!

It’s someone asking about that thing that they messaged you. You need you phone right now!

But you don’t know where it is!

Try this: Set up a charging station in a central living space, like the kitchen bench or lounge, with enough ports to power up all the devices in the home.

Keeping A Tidy House

Unless you or someone you love is actively bleeding, the moment you walk through your door at home, plug your phone into a charging station.

There are some nifty multi-device charging stations out there, but all you may need to do is free up a double power point and pop in a couple of charging plugs and their cables.

Then you’l know exactly where your phone is, and where your cable and charging plug are!

Make it a habit to plug your device in at that central spot.

No more WHERE IS MY PHONE panics!


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