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How To Declutter Without Feeling Like Crap.

I’ve been there. It’s exhausting. It’s hard. There are a million other things you’d rather be doing. It sucks. But… You know you have to do it. So… for the procrastinators out there, here are a few ideas.

1. Be Kind To Yourself.

If you were your friend you wouldn’t be mean to yourself right? Hmmm that’s a weird and confusing sentence Liz! How about – If your friend asked for your help you wouldn’t be mean to them would you?

You’d be kind, gentle, take it at their pace. Right?


  • Break it down into manageable chunks.
  • Schedule it for a time you can actually do it.
  • Give yourself a realistic amount of time to achieve something.

Don’t beat yourself up for stuff you haven’t done. Just start. Now is better than never.

2. Look At It Like Any Other Project.

So you need to trim that hedge. Or wash the car (blech!). Or clean the oven (Yuk!). Pick any task that you don’t absolutely love with a passion but you know you just have to do.

So it’s boring! Annoying. Hard!

Eye roll as much as you like. Sigh. Go on, a big sigh. Feel a little sorry for yourself.

Then start. Just do it.

  • Prep. Get your boxes, baskets and bin bags.
  • Put some music on. Sing. Just keep on decluttering.
  • Be prepared to get addicted to decluttering. It’s a bit like water blasting… (“What else can I clean/declutter?” you ask yourself. Then you find yourself water blasting your neighbours sidewalk/decluttering their shed at 9 o’clock at night)

Are You Really Ready To Declutter?

3. Treat Yourself.

Bribery works. It works with kids, teenagers, partners… It also works with ourselves.

We often plan a treat after a particularly trying event. Maybe you get your nails done to cheer you up. Open that packet of really expensive luxury tea. Or buy a lovely smelly candle when you’re feeling burnt out.

Plan something that makes you happy when you’ve achieved your goal. Or a good chunk of it. It might be

  • Some gorgeous storage
  • A brand new replacement for something you decluttered.
  • A shopping spree now you’ve made heaps of room in your wardrobe…

Plan it before you start. That’s the trick. Anticipation of something wonderful is a great motivator.

4. Talk To Yourself. Out loud.

No one’s listening! Go on, try it…

Ask yourself – Why Am I Decluttering? Hey Self! Why Are We Thinking Of Doing This Crap Job That We Hate?

It’s probably because you have come to a point where you have had enough.

  • Enough of never being able to find things.
  • Enough of not being able to clean properly.
  • Enough of struggling to keep your home organised.
  • Enough of sitting on dinosaurs when you’re just trying to relax on the couch for a second!
  • Enough of being embarrassed by your home, or that room.
  • Enough of feeling overwhelmed by too much stuff.

Enough! Say it out loud.

Then get stuck in!


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