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Keeping A Tidy House ~ The Little & Often Method

How do you keep your house tidy without dying of boredom or ending up exhausted after a marathon clean up? How do you fit a piano in a Mini? Chop it up!

I know keeping a house tidy can be a battle. A battle against Clutter! (Booooooo! We hate clutter)

Life just attracts clutter, especially if we’re busy, or our mind is on other things. Families quadruple the clutter attraction. The busier your home, the more you have to do, the more clutter seems to grow.

It’s absolutely amazing the difference it makes when we tackle a seemingly huge job by breaking it down into little steps.

Try some of these Little & Often suggestions to keep your house tidy:

  • Attack one room at a time, or part of a room. Rotate the spaces and pick up daily clutter only from that space.
  • Schedule picking-up times. Make it part of your routine, at a time that you know you’ll do it.
  • Prioritise the spaces that bother you the most, do them first.
  • Choose one category at a time. Dishes, clothes, Barbie dolls, sports gear.
  • Grab a rubbish bag and do a sweep for things that are obviously destined for the recycling or rubbish bin. Junk mail, juice boxes, things-the-dog-bought-in, old kiddie art (Yes! Some will be worth keeping, some not).
  • Relocate – Regularly sweep your home with a gathering basket. Put everything that doesn’t belong in that space into the basket (or box or bag) and take it where it belongs.

What Is A Gathering Basket?

  • Put a load of washing or dishes on more frequently. It’ll be less overwhelming and faster to deal with a single load at a time.
  • Finish a task if you can. Take your basket of laundry to the room where the clean things belong. Fold and put away right out of the basket. Empty the dishwasher as soon as it’s all dry.
  • Don’t get distracted by other jobs. Focus on getting this one task done, remember it’s only little, if it’s not, break it down even more.

The more frequent our daily tidying the less clutter builds up and you can tick that job off your list and feel awesome!

Then you can move on to way more fun things…

Happy tidying!


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